Those who are looking at Career options as a Professional Technical Writer can take this course. In short, those who have a mission and a vision in pursuit are suggested this course.

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Certification in Adobe FrameMaker and RoboHelp

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You are eligible for free two days of Workshop  to see a practical demonstration of subjects covered in this syllabus. If you are in Chennai, you can take it directly. Others can take it through our virtual classroom. For those who miss the Workshops, recorded sessions will be made available.

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Adobe FrameMaker

  1. Introduction
  2. Get Started with FrameMaker
  3. Format Documents
  4. Create condition tags
  5. Cross reference other documents
  6. Change column layout
  7. Work with Page Layout
  8. Work with Colors and Character Formats
  9. Work with Graphics
  10. Edit Documents
  11. Work with Tables
  12. Use Footnotes and Cross-References
  13. Generate Books
  14. Work with Indexes
  15. Use Conditional Text
  16. Create condition tags and assign indicators
  17. View conditional documents Modify the cross-reference   format for hyperlinking
  18. Apply condition tags to text
  19. Creating condition tags and assigning indicators
  20. Use Hyperlinks and Publishing to Multiple Formats
  21. Conclusion

Adobe RoboHelp

  1. Introduction to RoboHelp
  2. Overview of RoboHelp
  3. Types of Projects
  4. The RoboHelp Starter Window
  5. The RoboHelp Central Tab
  6. The New Project Wizard
  7. RoboHelp HTML Window
  8. The Toolbars
  9. Creating a HTML Project
  10. Add Elements to the Help Project
  11. Building Your HTML Help Project Structure
  12. Check Your HTML Help Project
  13. Creating Projects from a Single Source
  14. Creating a WinHelp 2000 Help System
  15. Building a WinHelp 2000 Help System
  16. Building Your First HTML Help System