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So, What is Technical Writing?

— What is Technical Writing?

Technical Writing is

writing on a specific subject for a specific purpose to a specific audience.

Technical Writers can be considered as a bridge between people who know technology and people who use it. They understand the intricacies and complications of technology and put it in simple words that help the user understand and use the technology.

— What do Technical Writers do?

A technical writer’s job will be to gather information from various sources, comprehend the technology, and put it in simple and easy-to-understand language for the end user.

The following are some of the documents a technical writer creates:

User Manuals

Online Help Content

Business Reports


Process Documents

Business Proposals




Feature Modules

Release Notes

Policies and Procedures

— Who can be successful in Technical Writing?

Technical Writing is considered as both Science and Art. It is a science because there is a methodical way of doing technical writing. It is an art because it involves writing. People with inclination and passion for writing can score as good technical writers. The following are the attributes expected of a technical writer:

Good written communication skills

Flair for writing (Simple but good English is preferred)

Inclination to learn new technologies

Working knowledge of computers

— What is the scope for Technical Writing?

With the advancements in the field of Information Technology, the way any business happens has changed, and the emphasis on quality has increased. Owing to this factor of attaining perfect quality, the market needs professional Technical Writers who are masters in communicating the right information to the right people.

The growing demand for Professional Technical Writers is increasing exponentially

In order to maintain India’s competitive advantage of technically skilled knowledge-workers with the right mix of technical, business and functional skills, the workforce needs to increase by at least 10-fold by 2008

As per the Nasscom-McKinsey report 1999, India needs to have at least 2.2 million knowledge workers in IT software and services related areas by 2008

Technical Writers are a part of these knowledge professionals and companies have started realising the importance of hiring professional Technical Writers.

Technical Writing not only applies to the field of Information Technology, but also extends to other fields like:

Pharmaceutical, Aeronautical, Automobile, Mechanical, Chemical, and many other fields

— What salaries do Technical Writers get?

Technical Writing proves to be a very good career option. A fresher in the field of technical writing gets paid around Rs.12,000 per month. A technical writer with two years of experience is able to draw about Rs.25,000 per month. Efficient and Experienced Technical Writers get monthly salaries running to lakhs. For current figures you can refer to:, the official website of Society for Technical Communicators (STC) in India.Apart from these employment opportunities, technical writing also provides lots of scope for freelancing.

— Survey results about Technical Writing

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#4 Technical Writers. Even though technology has changed much of how companies get their services in front of customers, one critical component remains constant: the need to communicate clearly and effectively. This is where writing skills come in. Some even go so far as to say that a company is only as good as its writing. Since 2012, technical writers have grown by 11%, adding over 5,000 new jobs. 

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